Sunday, 23 October 2016

September 2016

September has been a lovely month down here in Devon and just that much sunnier in the South of France. One of my favourite places is that stretch of coast between Nice and Monaco and the hills behind. Monte Carlo tends to make me very uneasy. However, time spent walking and swimming here can be very simply spent. It can be very peaceful. This time, I went with my daughter, so that made it all perfect.

I am writing a story that has parts of it set down here so I wanted to check up on details. There's already a story waiting to be told in the photos above.

I also had the desire to try to capture some of the key colours that I could use in a new range of jewellery I am working on. This way of working matters, I imagine, more to me than to anyone else. I need to make the colour associations real. Most everyone else, naturally associates their own memories and preferences for these colours and that is as it should be - colour lives in our souls and thank goodness, it is a universal language, with all of its associations.
When I came back home, I set to work in the studio and settled on 16 colours t begin with. And one perfect matt black square box to display them in. The thing that absolutely thrilled me was the fact that they appear to be backlit. They quite literally dance with vibrant colour and vitality. I am so pleased. Can you match the pieces with their inspirational colours?

One thing that I am all too well aware of with static photography is that it is just that - static. My next technical foray will be into a moving, albeit momentarily, image that may go some way to conveying what they really look like.

Incidentally - what may appear to be tiny air bubbles in the resin, are in fact, tiny points of light, thrown up from the minuscule particles that make the iridescent inks iridescent. In reality, they catch the light and appear to move, in the same way that a peacock or a magpie feathers do, or butterfly's wings. Photography catches them in mid-flight.

And of course, colours on a screen will differ from screen to screen somewhat. There is a really noticeable difference between Azure and Marine believe it or not.
Lemony Green







Chilli Red









square black box with velvet insert

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